Creating films and experiences that are professional, comfortable and unique to you.

Each film we make is carefully crafted with the smallest of details having as much attention as the big picture. With almost two-hundred weddings filmed since 2013, as well us many corporate collaborations, continuing to create films that are tailored to you and your story is our main priority.


The wedding experience

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most important days of your life. We not only understand that but cherish the very sentiment of it ourselves. It is more than an honor to be chosen to film these moments and we take great pride in each memory we capture. Wedding cinematography truly allows us to create an heirloom that you will share for many years to come! As your day rushes by, we want to create a very natural and fun enviroment so that you can enjoy every bit of it! We aim to focus on being in the moment rather than constantly creating it (However, we will make sure the angle is just right!).

We highlight the laughter, tears and passion that happens throughout the day without being intrusive. That said, we are always up for an adventure and pushing the limits on creative ideas. We want your whole experience with Current Films to be comfortable, fun and effortless.

Our goal is to leave you absolutely captivated by the most authentic and timeless, yet creative version of your day. Each time you press play, we hope to make you laugh, cry and relive all of those special memories over again.

Finding Zac and Bethany was truly a blessing for us. As my husband was on the fence for our wedding video, we couldn’t imagine our wedding day without them! So happy with our wedding video and its a memory we will cherish forever thanks to them!
— Jesenia and Chris - 2018